Dynamic response of a 120 mm smoothbore tank barrel during horizontal and inclined firing positions

Ismail Esen, Mehmet Akif Koç
2015 Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures  
In this study, the dynamic interaction between a 120 mm smoothbore tank barrel modeled as an Euler-Bernoulli cantilever beam and an accelerating projectile during firing is presented. The interaction was modelled using a new FEM approach that took into account the projectile's inertia, Coriolis, and centripetal forces and the horizontal and inclined positions of the barrel. The mass, exit velocity and acceleration effects of the projectile on the dynamics of the barrel were investigated. The
more » ... nvestigated. The effects of the projectile's inertia, and Coriolis and centripetal forces were evaluated as well. Furthermore, the tip displacements at different firing angles were determined by transferring the mass, stiffness and damping matrices of the barrel with the addition of the instantaneous property matrices of the projectile from a local coordinate to the global Cartesian coordinate with the aid of transformation matrices. Finally, the barrel vibrations caused by the successive firings were evaluated under different firing scenarios. To demonstrate the validity of the current study, comparisons were made with the results of previous studies and a good agreement was achieved. By using the method recommended in this study, it is possible to determine the accurate dynamic behavior of any barrel with sufficient sensitivity, without any costly or time-consuming tests being necessary.
doi:10.1590/1679-78251576 fatcat:cwcq6oqeunffzp4xllmwwqkr2q