Triaxiality in the odd-A nuclei 109−117I studied through a microscopic rotationparticle coupling

Swati Modi, Yang Sun
2018 EPJ Web of Conferences  
A systematic study of ground state spectrum with the triaxial deformation γ for odd-A Iodine isotopes 109−117 I is carried out with the nonadiabatic quasiparticle approach. The rotation-particle coupling is accomplished microscopically such that the matrix elements of a particle-plus-rotor system are written in terms of the rotor energies. The 5/2 + state is confirmed as ground state for odd-A 111−117 I and also coming out as lowest in energy for 109 I.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201817802030 fatcat:ko345wuwbzbildmwfz4njjb4sa