Nostoc sphaeroides Kütz Polysaccharide Improved Constipation and Promoted Intestinal Motility in Rats

Yinlu Liu, Litao Yang, Cuicui Bi, Kun Tang, Bo Zhang, Slim Smaoui
2021 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
Natural products and medicinal foods have attracted more and more attention because of their potential prevention and inhibition effect on constipation. Nostoc sphaeroides Kütz Polysaccharide (NSKP) polysaccharide is a natural product rich in polysaccharides. This work attempted to prove the effects of aqueous extracts of NSKP on STC treatment and to determine the possible mechanisms by a loperamide-induced slow transit constipation (STC) model. The results show that, in rats of the NSKP group,
more » ... compared with the model group, the colon propulsion rate was improved, the time of the first grain of black stool was shortened, and the fecal wet weight was increased remarkably. The 5-HT levels were increased, but the VIP and NO levels were reduced dramatically. The number of interstitial cells of cajal (ICC) was increased by c-kit/SCF signal pathway, and the intestines were moisturized; then, constipation was relieved. It is interesting to note that NSKP appeared to be effective on constipation, so further experiments are necessary to clarify the exact mechanisms involved.
doi:10.1155/2021/5596531 fatcat:cdy6ph4n2bbcpcf7i3frtboveu