Interaction between bleomycin and glutathione in cancer-bearing animals

T Kaneda, H Ichikawa
1978 Nagoya journal of medical science  
We performed an experiment on the anticancer effect of Bleomycin and Glutathione administered simultaneously in tumor bearing mice. 1) The radioactivity of 3sS-Glutathione in organs tended to be lower after the simultaneous administration of the labelled Glutathione and Bleomycin than when the labelled Glutatione was given alone. 2) The reaction of Glutathione and Bleomycin in vivo depends upon the quantitative ratio of the two substances. 3) In cancer-bearing mice a comparison was made of
more » ... on was made of anticancer effectiveness between Bleomycin used alone and in combination with Glutathione. During an initial 60 day period treatment with Bleomycin alone produced an excellent anticancer effect and also provided a marked life prolonging effect when compared with control. These effects in the Bleomycin + Glutathione group were no better than in the control group. 4) Past the 60th day of treatment (after 30 doses of Bleomycin or Glutathione were given) fatalities occurred frequently in the Bleomycin group due to the drug toxicity, while in the Bleomycin + Glutathione group a greater increment of survival time was attained due to a detoxifying effect of Glutathione.
pmid:78448 fatcat:oi4v2qm4cncrrfdmgfy6rhlyv4