Classical and Quantum: Some Mutual Clarifications [chapter]

V. Scarani
2004 Multiscale Methods in Quantum Mechanics  
This paper presents two unconventional links between quantum and classical physics. The first link appears in the study of quantum cryptography. In the presence of a spy, the quantum correlations shared by Alice and Bob are imperfect. One can either process the quantum information, recover perfect correlations and finally measure the quantum systems; or, one can perform the measurements first and then process the classical information. These two procedures tolerate exactly the same error rate
more » ... r a wide class of attacks by the spy. The second link is drawn between the quantum notions of "no-cloning theorem" and "weak-measurements with post-selection", and simple experiments using classical polarized light and ordinary telecom devices.
doi:10.1007/978-0-8176-8202-6_14 fatcat:dpnfpmbdc5hchbwez3adv5ingu