Tuti Sumarningsih .
2015 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Earthquake is one of frequent natural disasters in Indonesia. Earthquakes cause damage to facilities and infrastructure, such as buildings collapsed or cracked. Earthquake damage to buildings is caused the buildings is not designed to has the strength to withstand earthquakes. There are three things that must be considered in the designing of the building to has the resistant to the earthquake, which is a good building materials, correct construction methods, and skilled workers. In this study,
more » ... ers. In this study, assessment of the construction workers knowledge of earthquake resistant building is done through tests and interviews 30 construction workers in Yogyakarta. The next investigation is the correlation between the construction worker knowledge of earthquake resistant construction with construction worker background (age, place of origin, work experience, the number of houses that have been done, and level of education). Observations also made on the house making process to determine whether its process in accordance with the principles of earthquake resistant buildings. Observations were made on the structure elements of the building include sloop work, column work, brick wall work, ringbalk work, and concrete mix work. From the research conducted, it is concluded that the level of worker knowledge about methods of earthquake resistant building construction is good. Background of the workers have a fairly strong correlation with their knowledge about the concept of earthquake resistant buildings. The category of studied houses based on the principles of earthquake resistant buildings are "good enough", since they are close to the terms and conditions of earthquake resistant construction methods.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2015.0403104 fatcat:lpnbqsp45fd7ppwx2ousuheciq