STRUKTUR KOMUNITAS MEIOFAUNA PADA HUTAN MANGROVE DI PESISIR DUSUN KUALA BATU KECAMATAN LIKUPANG TIMUR KABUPATEN MINAHASA UTARA (Meiofauna Community Structure in the Coastal Mangrove Forest Dusun Kuala Batu Likupang East District North District Minahasa)

Nicky Wowor, Fontje Kaligis, Carolus Paruntu, Ilmu Studi, Fakultas Kelautan, Perikanan, Ilmu Kelautan, Sam Ratulangi, Manado
2016 Jurnal Pesisir dan Laut Tropis   unpublished
Meiofauna is a small aquatic invertebrate (63-1000 μm) that live in the mangrove forest habitat. So far there is no information about the spesies name, distribution and species diversity of meiofauna on mangrove forests in the coastal area of Kuala Batu subvillage. This research was aimed: to know the spesies name, distribution and species diversity of meiofauna in this area. The location of the research was in the coastal area of Kuala Batu subVillage Serawet village, east Likupang District of
more » ... ikupang District of North Minahasa Regency. The method used was a survey and the line transect with quadrate. The data were analysed using Morisita index. The results were obtained 7 types of meiofauna, namely; Ligia vitiensis, Family Ligiidae, Sacculina, Family Sacculinidae Eunice fucata, Family eunicidae, unidentified species, Family Thalestridae, Ocypode cordimana, Family ocypodidae, Perisesarma guttatum, Family Sesafunidae, Harpacticoida, and Family Porcelidiidae. The highest species diversity index found in Eunice fucata while the lowest was Harpacticoida spp, Family Porcelidiidae. Meiofauna found between stations tends to be the same while the meiofauna found on the first station was more than the other stations. Scientifically, the results of this study will contribute to the development of science, especially meiofauna ecology.