Successful Isolation and Treatment of Cogenital Tuberculosis Infection Occurred in Premature Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Susie Yoo, Sang Hoon Chun, Jacob Lee, Tae-Jung Sung
2017 Perinatology  
Congenital tuberculosis is a very rare disease and the affected infants are often delivered prematurely. Even though proper treatment, the mortality rate is high. The preterm male infant born at 24 weeks of gestational age with birth weight of 760 g was admitted to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for intensive treatment. One month after delivery, his mother visited to outpatient clinic for headache and nausea and later she was diagnosed with tuberculous meningitis. Then, the preterm infant
more » ... the preterm infant who was already hospitalized was examined for the possibility of congenital infection. As a result, con genital tuberculosis infection was confirmed by positive reaction with tuberculosis in acidfast bacilli stain, culture and polymerase chain reaction. The infant was completely isolated for 2 weeks and anti tuberculosis drugs were administrated. We performed chest radiography and skin reaction test for the other 29 infants and 60 coworkers in the NICU during the same period. The infants were treated with prophylactic antituberculous drug. Three months later, no abnormal findings were observed in any infants and any coworkers during the follow up period. We report the experience of successful treatment and isolation for congenital tuberculosis in premature infants.
doi:10.14734/pn.2017.28.3.92 fatcat:zmtd2vjuk5gy7brmyds5qzcp44