Nucleosides, a Valuable Chemical Marker for Quality Control in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cordyceps

Jian-Hui Xiao, Ying Q, Qing Xiong
2013 Recent Patents on Biotechnology  
Cordyceps, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine, is an endoparasitic and/or symbiotic macrofungus in the body of insect and other arthropod, and has received increasing attention worldwide due to its rarity and outstanding curative effects for different diseases. Recent years, however, the counterfeits and mimics of Cordyceps are frequently found in markets because of its scarce in nature and high in price. Therefore, quality control of Cordyceps and its bioproducts is very important to
more » ... ure their safety and efficacy. Nucleoside is recognized as a major active component of Cordyceps, and even is used as chemical marker for quality control of Cordyceps. In this present review, recent studies and associated patents, with regard to the chemical marker nucleosides for quality control of Cordyceps and its bioproducts, including nucleoside components, pharmacological activities, and analytical methods were reviewed and discussed thereof. Also, developing trends in the field have been appraised.
doi:10.2174/1872208311307020007 pmid:24001090 fatcat:ovyb6gr5jjaohjzublb7dcghdy