China's Long-Term Economic Growth Sustainability: The Effects and Consequences on the World

Khurram Shahzad, Mahad Javed
2022 Propel Journal of Academic Research  
This dissertation is based on examining China's long-term economic growth sustainability, and its effects and consequences on the world. For this purpose, the study set objectives regarding identifying various factors of sustainable economic growth of China, assessing effects of China's economic growth sustainability on global setting and evaluating consequences of sustainable economic growth of China on the world. The research considered a qualitative method of research where authentic and
more » ... able secondary sources were identified and included. The findings highlighted that various factor including large-scale capital investment, increased use of natural resources for additional investments, FDI flows, government-initiated policies, investment and attainment of foreign businesses, build-up of foreign exchange reserves, incorporation of market-oriented institutional changes, rural industrialization and technological innovation have contributed to China's sustainable economic growth over the years. The findings also revealed that effects of China's sustainable economic growth on global setting can be seen as Chinese allies and close trading partners have been positively impacted by rebalancing investments towards consumption of products. The findings further mentioned that consequences of sustainable economic growth of China for developed countries can be perceived as exploitation of natural resources has been reduced and focus on non-renewable technologies has been increased by China, which have made China globally competitive. Success of China is a reminder for the developing world to take its economic growth as an example that creates an influence on the global environment. Therefore, it is recommended to developing countries that use of non-renewable resources, infrastructure spending, expenditure for transport accessibility, improvement in internal market structure, liberalization and reforms will be beneficial in achieving sustainable economic development.
doi:10.55464/pjar.v2i1.27 fatcat:kvdqsu2mqjbzbcqi4rozqk4vta