Toward single-mode random lasing within a submicrometre-sized spherical ZnO particle film

Ryo Niyuki, Hideki Fujiwara, Yoshie Ishikawa, Naoto Koshizaki, Takeshi Tsuji, Keiji Sasaki
2016 Journal of Optics  
We had recently reported unique random laser action such as quasi-single-mode and lowthreshold lasing from a submicrometre-sized spherical ZnO nanoparticle film with polymer particles as defects. The present study demonstrates a novel approach to realize single-mode random lasing by adjusting the sizes of the defect particles. From the dependence of random lasing properties on defect size, we find that the average number of lasing peaks can be modified by the defect size, while other lasing
more » ... erties such as lasing wavelengths and thresholds remain unchanged. These results suggest that lasing wavelengths and thresholds are determined by the resonant properties of the surrounding scatterers, while the defect size stochastically determines the number of lasing peaks. Therefore, if we optimize the sizes of the defects and scatterers, we can intentionally induce single-mode lasing even in a random structure (Fujiwara et al 2013 Appl. Phys. Lett. 102 061110).
doi:10.1088/2040-8978/18/3/035202 fatcat:on3fdrppu5de3b5qgrvmrq7jz4