Economic Evaluation of an Associated Gas Production Facility: A Case Study of X Field in Southern Nigeria

Emeka Okafor, Emmanuel Osemobor, Christian Kalagbor
2020 Zenodo  
A surface production facility is an integral part of a gas oil separation process (GOSP) plant. In this study, an economic evaluation of two field handling alternatives for associated gas recovery in an integrated surface production facility located in X Field in Southern Nigeria is performed. The process alternatives evaluated were a four-stage separation facility with four compressors and a four-stage separation facility with three compressors, respectively. The former is the baseline
more » ... he baseline facility at the X Field while the latter is an optimized version of the baseline facility. The economic assessments of the two alternatives were compared. Depending on the alternatives, the crude oil and associated gas facility could produce up to 48,470 to 50,090 bbl/day of crude oil and 50.27 to 50.48 MMSCFD of associated gas. The capital costs (CAPEX), operating costs (OPEX), revenue (REV), and energy demand (ED) for the baseline scenario and its optimized alternative were calculated. The CAPEX for the baseline and optimized scenarios are approximately 24,701,200 USD and 17,491,800 USD, respectively, while the OPEX are approximately 3,859,240 USD and 3,857,900 USD, respectively. Judging by the results" the optimized alternative is economically more feasible since its evaluation in terms of net profit over a twenty-year period, shows an increase from 21,495.02 MMUSD to 22,141.44 MMUSD, a net profit of 646.42 MMUSD. Further analysis indicates that the payout time shows a differing trend from baseline values, and also gives different outcomes when considering total annualized cost (TAC). Overall, the results show that the optimized process scheme provides better economic performance relative to the baseline scheme under similar feed compositions.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3670724 fatcat:ir4rv5mmqvb6tdhycoytgwxwg4