The Federal Role in Special Education

Patricia G Anthony
1994 Educational Considerations  
The cha llenge for federal fiscal policy remains in finding the proper balance: how 10 provide fund ing in Ihe least obtrusive manner to accomplish the greatest good for those students who req uire the most assistance. Sir>ee its ir>eepti on, fooa ral Si>OC ia l education leg istation has emerged vitlual~ ""scathed from varioos adrrnstratioos' attemptS to weaken its impact in the areas oItuoo ing a nd delivery 01 se rvices. During the Reaga n and Bush adm inistratio ns. efforts to consoMme its
more » ... ts to consoMme its foodi ng with other emitlemen1 mone~s were averted , as were atlo mpts to loosen the legal requirements of the law. Howevef, two condjtkms-----one predicated 00 fund ing and the other on p<>licy--are ir>ereasing ly in conflict with o ne a nother. This article wi. discuss these two eonditioos and oIfer recommendations towards ooiutions. As part 01 the debate, th e current federal appropriatioos for speciat educat"m wi ll be exam ined
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