Design & development of multi orientation drilling special purpose machine subsystem [dataset]

Ijerd Editor, Mr.K.K.Powar1, Prof. (Dr) V.R.Naik2, Prof.G.S.Joshi
2015 Figshare  
The growth of Indian manufacturing sector depends largely on its productivity & quality. Productivity depends upon many factors, one of the major factors being manufacturing efficiency with which the operation /activities are carried out in the organization. Productivity can be improved by reducing the total machining time, combining the operations etc. In case of mass production where variety of jobs is less and quantity to be produced is huge, it is very essential to produce the job at a
more » ... r rate. This is not possible if we carry out the production by using general purpose machines. The best way to improve the production rate (productivity) along with quality is by use of special purpose machine. Usefulness and performance of the existing radial drilling machine will be increased by designing and development of multispindle drilling head attachment. This paper deals with such development undertaken for similar job under consideration along with industrial case study.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1429994.v1 fatcat:pjyekfbeojdcvcdxakiyf7mwwm