<span title="">1918</span> <i title="Oxford University Press (OUP)"> <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="" style="color: black;">English Historical Review</a> </i> &nbsp;
Alfredian Chronicle (866-87): by M. L. R. Beaven, 328 at Carleton University on June 25, 2015 Downloaded from Jorg» (N.) iVote» rf ezfmite pour aerptr d Thittom dt* croisadt* a% XT* siiele, W, v [1453-1800]: by the Bar. J. P. Whitney, 108 King 1 * mirror. Tie (Konung* Skmggtja); tiaaaL by L. M. Lanon, 419 Klein (A. X) Intolerance tm tie reign of Elisabeth: by the Bev. W. H. Van, 113 l+j*AS(&.Q.T>.)Titgw>rdian*oftit p*, 280 Laloy (E.) La diplomat* dt 0*0laumt II,
more &raquo; ... 2 I* Manti* (O.) La ucreaa o dogana di Tripoli, 280 Htuima e It tut prerogative, 136 LaneatUrt quarter station record*, i, 1590-1606 ; ed/ by J."Tait: by TSm C. A. J. Skeel, 545 Lannenmx (J.) La poUtique exUrieurt dt VAutricifEongroit, 1875-1914, 1,426 Laaki (H. J.) Studiet in tie problem of tovereignty, 142 Legg (J. Wiokham) Essay* liturgical at Carleton University on June 25, 2015 Downloaded from INDEX TO THE THISTT-THIBD VOLUME 569 Liberate rcUs, Calendar of the, Henry TTT, i, 1226-40 : by A. G. little, 98 Lincoln Record Society publication for 1917, 286 little (A. G.) Studies in English Fran * dsean history: by J. P. Gilson, 266 London topographical record, zi, 287 Lncas (Sir C. P.) The beginning of English overseas enterprise: by G. TJnwin, 275 MCCUB (J.) Crist* in the history of the papacy, US Magna Carta commemoration essays; ed. by H. E. Maiden: by J. Tait, 261 Maxwell <Sir H.) The Lowland Scots regiments; their origin, character, and services, ed. by: by R. S. Rait, 546 Means (P. A.) Bistory of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan and of the Itxas, 421 Mierow (C. C.) Description of MS. Qarrett Dep. 1450, Princeton University Library, 279 Monclcton Jones (M. E.) Warren Bostings in Bengal, 1772-4: by P. E. Roberta, 551 Moore (Edward) Studies in Dante, iv : by W. P. Ker, 267 OTIBO (J. P.) La revolution Argentine, 1810-16: by F. A. Kirkpatrick, 408 PABTOW (L. J.) Guide to the study of medieval history: by C. W. Previte Orton, 385 Paaella (A.) Gti studi storid in Toscana nel secolo xix: by E. Aimituu'ug, 120 Peaae (T. C.) The leveller movement, 136 Perivier (A.) Napolion journaliste, 561 Perrond (C) La proscription des Girondist, 283 PhUippe-Auguste, Recital des octet de, i, 1179-94 ; ed. by H. L. Delaborde: by F. M. Powicke, 392 Pic*vet (F.) Bypostases Plotiniennes et Trinite Chritienne, 557 Pipe roUofSS Benry II, 280 Pitman (F-W.) The development of the British West Indies, 1700-63: by H. E. Egerton, 406 Pittard (E.) La Boumanie, 278 Pontissara, Johannis dr. Registrum, 1282-1304, ii-v; ed. by a Deedei: by Miss H. Johnstone, 535 Poole (R. L.) Benedict IX and Oregory VI, 278 Pope (R. M.) Introduction to early church history, 277 Porter (Robert P.) Japan ; the rise of a modern power, 424 Postgste (J. P.) Lueani de betto dvSi liber viii, 277 Powell (C. L.) English domtstie relations, 1487-1653 ; a study of matrimony and family life as revealed by the literature, lav, and history of the period: by A. F. Pollard, 109 Preatage (E.) O conde de CastelmeXhor e a retroeessdo de 1'anger a Portugal 423 RED (H. M. B.) The divinity principals of the university of Glasgow, 1545-1654: by the Rev. H. A. Wilson, 274 Renaodet (A.)Prirefotn\e et humanism a Paris pendant les premier/ guerres (T/ta/ie [1494-1517]: by P. S. Allen, 112 Riddell (W. R.) The constitution of Canada in its history and practical working, 285 Robinson (C. H.) The conversion of Europe, 557 Rott (£.) Bistoire de la reprisentation diplomatique de la France aupris des cantons Snisses, vi, 423 Roossean (Jean Jacqnesjf Le control social; ed. by C. E. Vanghan, 561 SALTEB (H. El) Cartulary of the hospital of SL John the Baptist, Oxford, 4a, 287 Sfjtland, Accounts of the lord high treasurer of, zi, 1559-66 ; ed. by Sir J. B. Paul: by R. S. Rait, 403 Smith (V. A.) Ahbar, thx great Mogul:
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