Combination Method of Evidence Grouping

Rong Li Chen, Xi Bin Wang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering   unpublished
The theory of Evidence reasoning is an important method for processing uncertain information, in order to improve the accuracy of evidence fusion and to reduce the amount of operation, and ensure that combining results are still reasonable and effective when it happens to information conflicting, so this paper presents combination method of evidence grouping. The method can be used to judge whether it is available to combine with Dempster combination rule in evidence, if it works, the two
more » ... orks, the two evidences are classified as known groups, otherwise they are classified as unknown groups. For the known evidence, it makes use of combination rule to combine directly(combination within the group); the data obtained by the combination within the group and the data of an unknown group can combine in groups using computer simulation techniques, this paper analyzes the method that it is provided with characteristics of small operation, good stability, high accuracy.
doi:10.2991/amcce-15.2015.36 fatcat:237a5kpajzaqdliprkvhtonp6u