Studies of Water-Vapour Adsorption Dynamics of High-Efficiency Desiccant Based on Aluminium Oxide and NaX Zeolite

Eugene Meshcheryakov, Maxim Kozlov, Sergey Reshetnikov, Lyubov Isupova, Alesia Livanova, Irina Kurzina
2020 Applied Sciences  
The dynamic capacity of the commercial desiccant (NaX zeolite) and the adsorbent, synthesised based on low-temperature modifications of aluminium oxide, obtained from bayerite-containing hydroxide, was determined with respect to water vapour. Experimental studies were carried out using a pilot installation at the atmospheric pressure and increased pressure (up to 0.6 MPa) and high humidity. The increase in the height of the layer of the adsorbents leads to an increase of their dynamic capacity
more » ... r dynamic capacity with respect to water vapour and the protective power (action) time of the layer. It was shown that at the atmospheric pressure and the pressure of up to 0.3 MPa, the dynamic capacity of NaX is greater; at a higher pressure, the adsorption capacity of the developed adsorbent Al2O3 becomes greater than the zeolite capacity, which allows recommending it as a desiccant at increased pressure.
doi:10.3390/app10155320 fatcat:pq5hvanom5dtrcu2ux3zedpnri