Pędrak Anna
2020 Zenodo  
Homo Viator. On the way to the Fatherland of the future Nowadays, people don't think a lot about sense and meaning of life. Modern human usually avoids considerations of suffering, death and existence after death. The paper em- phasizes the main goal of every human being. It is know that believers have a hope for an eternal life which begins in this moment as an anticipation in Resurrected Christ. No one should be indifferent to this extraordinary promise. New eternal life with God is the
more » ... th God is the result of including human being in the transcendental dialogue with his Creator. It is possible because of the human immortal soul and the holy grace. The article doesn't take notice of the homeland in the sociological approach. It rather points out the hope of participating in the eternal fatherland - the heavenly home of Father. Author shows the theological un- derstanding of the terrestrial homeland in the context of future and absolute fatherland of saints. Our current homeland has a great function - by culture, education, historical contribution and by the many other factors, it prepares the actual human to fulfill his transcendental vocation. For believing human the terrestrial homeland is an necessary means in the pilgrimage to the eternal fatherland. Furthermore, in one of the aspects, the heaven will be a transformation of human existence, formed by the homeland's factors, into the existence in glory of Christ.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3702343 fatcat:jqtcncz2pvabzgihud26zda2ea