Effect of Batch Annealing Temperature on Microstructure and Resistance to Fish Scaling of Ultra-Low Carbon Enamel Steel

Zaiwang Liu, Yonglin Kang, Zhimin Zhang, Xiaojing Shao
2017 Metals  
In the present work, an ultra-low carbon enamel steel was batch annealed at different temperatures, and the effect of the batch annealing temperature on the microstructure and resistance to fish scaling was investigated by optical microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and a hydrogen permeation test. The results show that the main precipitates in experimental steel are fine TiC and coarse Ti 4 C 2 S 2 particles. The average sizes of both TiC and Ti 4 C 2 S 2 increase with increasing the
more » ... ith increasing the batch annealing temperature. The resistance to fish scaling decreases with increasing the annealing temperature, which is caused by the growth of ferrite grain and the coarsening of the TiC and Ti 4 C 2 S 2 particles.
doi:10.3390/met7020051 fatcat:x5rt4pg3zjbj7ngn3pzrg6cqma