Applications of Graphene in Improving Mechanical and Energy Conversion Materials

Yunsong Pang
Yunsong Pang Since it was confirmed to exist in 2004, graphene has become a popular material for numerous researchers to study. The worldwide enthusiasm for this novel material is as yet expanding currently, as it can be envisaged from the number of patents, publications and a substantial amount of capital. The reason why graphene is so attractive is that it has nearly perfect performance in all aspects, such as mechanic, thermal, optic, and electric. So that it can be applied to solve certain
more » ... echnical problems and provide convenience for human life. This report consists of two parts, respectively introducing the application of graphene in enhancing the mechanical strength of other materials and accelerating the speed of evaporation to improve the global issue of water. In the first part, polyethylene (PE) films reinforced with graphene processed using self-build fabrication platform are shown to have outstanding mechanical properties. The values of specific ultimate tensile strength and Young's modulus of PE/graphene films represent the highest reported to date for other composite materials. The experimental Chapter 6: Other Properties .
doi:10.7274/3b591834b09 fatcat:dntdt4vp5fczrmnesvacp4kaqu