Analytical Study of HAT Joint between PHC Pile and Steel Tube Column
강재기둥과 PHC 파일을 연결하는 반구형 접합부(HAT Joint)의 유한요소 해석 PART II : 각형강관기둥

Jin-Tak Oh, Yeun-Seung Lee, Sang-Bong Kim, Young-Kyu Ju
2015 Journal of the Korean Association for Spatial Structures  
In Part I, we disccussed of joint between PHC pile and steel column in foundation of large space structures, one prototype of a joint of PHC pile to steel pipe column was suggested on the basis of analytical studies. In this paper, I explain the Joint of PHC pile to steel tube column and more detail of analysis Keywords : Large space structure, PHC Pile, Steel box column ISSN 1598-4095 (Print) ISSN 2287-7401 (Online) http://dx.
doi:10.9712/kass.2015.15.1.111 fatcat:p56ywhib6vcfxpmdbrjzekfwhy