Effect of Rearing Systems on Growth Performance and Wool Characteristics of Rahmani Sheep Lambs

F. H. Farrag, A. A. Gabr, Sara A. Saad
2019 Journal of Animal and Poultry Production  
This study was conducted to evaluate the intensive and rural (non-intensive) rearing conditions effect on growing lambs' performance and wool characteristics of Rahmany sheep. A total of 40 lambs at the age of one year were used from intensive and rural rearing systems (20 lamb each, of equal male and female number). The folk of intensive system was housed at a governmental station located in El-Serw, Damietta city, Egypt. The rural folk was owned by householder located in the same area of the
more » ... e same area of the city. The wool sample represents the first shearing harvested from the northern shoulder area of the lambs and used to investigate some wool measurements. The studied rearing systems showed no significant differences found for lambs' birth weights, while, the intensive rearing system enhanced significantly lambs' daily weight gain. Lambs weights at one year aged and the total weight gain in the intensive system were significantly higher than rural system lambs. The rearing system insignificantly affected the lambs' fibre length growth, but affected significantly the clean wool yield, fibre diameter and crimp/cm of lambs. The rearing system affected significantly the lambs' staple strength, point of break and elongation rate, while no effect on staple length was detected.
doi:10.21608/jappmu.2019.53484 fatcat:d7s5wjtcyvaxniazqvdaokdgym