Immunoinformatics taught to middle and high school pupils in IMGT®

Viviane Nguefack Ngoune, Perrine Pegorier, Morgane Bertignac, Imène Chentli, Veronique Giudicelli, Saida Hadi-Saljoqi, Joumana Jabado-Michaloud, Geraldine Folch
2020 EMBnet journal  
IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system® (, is the global reference in immunogenetics and immunoinformatics. In 2019, for the first time, two pupils were welcomed within the team and introduced to immunoinformatics thank to the «Apprentis Chercheurs » programme founded by the association «l'Arbre des Connaissances ». This article describes the method and pedagogical approaches used, and demonstrates that immunoinformatics can be successfully taught to pupils of middle and high school.
doi:10.14806/ej.25.1.926 fatcat:ckoawtdrdraftkedy4zr74ggti