Informedia digital video library

Michael Christel, Scott Stevens, Howard Wactlar
1994 Proceedings of the second ACM international conference on Multimedia - MULTIMEDIA '94  
Vastdigital libraries of information will soon be available on the nation's Information Superhighway as a result of emerging technologies for multimedia computing. These libraries wiU profoundly impact the conduct of business, professional, andpersonal activity. However, it is not enough to simply store and play back video (ss in currently envisioned commercial video-on-demand services); to be most effective, new technology is needed for searching through these vast data collections and
more » ... ng the most relevant selections. The Informedia Project is developing these new technologies for data storage, search, and retriewd, and in collaboration with QED Communications is embedding them in a video library system for use in education, txaining, and entertainment. The Inforrnedia Project leverages efforts from many Carnegie Mellon University computing research activities, including:
doi:10.1145/192593.197413 fatcat:umasxquwi5dvjnlw4ufltv2cc4