Design of experiment approach for sintering study of nanocrystalline SiC fabricated using plasma pressure compaction

M.G. Bothara, P. Vijay, S.V. Atre, S.J. Park, R.M. German, T.S. Sudarshan, R. Radhakrishnan
2009 Science of Sintering  
Plasma pressure compaction (P 2 C) is a novel sintering technique that enables the consolidation of silicon carbide with a nanoscale microstructure at a relatively low temperature. To achieve a high final density with optimized mechanical properties, the effects of various sintering factors pertaining to the temperature-time profile and pressure were characterized. This paper reports a design of experiment approach used to optimize the processing for a 100 nm SiC powder focused on four
more » ... ed on four sintering factors: temperature, time, pressure, and heating rate. Response variables included the density and mechanical properties. A L 9 orthogonal array approach that includes the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was employed to optimize the processing factors. All of the sintering factors have significant effect on the density and mechanical properties. A final density of 98.1% was achieved with a temperature of 1600 °C, hold time of 30 min, pressure of 50 MPa, and heating rate of 100 °C/min. The hardness reached 18.4 GPa with a fracture toughness of 4.6 MPa√m, and these are comparable to reports from prior studies using higher consolidation temperatures.
doi:10.2298/sos0902125b fatcat:cnl43ndakfb6xkmmvhijb6lvjq