IL-6 responses to glycaemic index during recovery from exercise

S.H. Hasani, S. Supaporn, A.B. Mehranpour, M. Witid
2015 Pedagogìka, Psihologìâ ta Mediko-bìologìčnì Problemi Fìzičnogo Vihovannâ ì Sportu  
Purpose: This study examined the effect of meal with different glycaemic index (GI) on plasma IL-6 concentration and glucose metabolism after maximal lengthening contractions of the knee extensors. Using a cross-over design, Material: 10 healthy males completed 5 sets of 10 lengthening (eccentric) contractions at 120% 1 repetitionmaximum. Subjects were randomized to consume the GI beverage (high-GI, low-GI (15% weight per volume; 3 g/kg BM) or placebo in three times within 10 min following
more » ... min following exercise, and again at 50 and 110 min during recovery time. Blood samples were collected before exercise and after 0.60, 180 min and 24 h of recovery. Result: Concentration of plasma IL-6 in HGI group was less than LGI and Pla groups. IL-6 tended to significantly increase after exercise in recovery time in 3 groups (all P < 0.05), except for 24 hours (P = 1.00), furthermore there was significant difference for IL-6 between placebo and high glycemic groups in 3hours after exercise (P=.016). Concentration of serum CK in HGI group was less than LGI and Pla groups, CK was significantly elevated at all times points during recovery in 3 groups (all P < 0.05), except for 1 hour after exercise in HGI group (P = 0.31), but there was no significant difference for CK between groups. Conclusion: In summary, consuming HGI carbohydrate during recovery from exercise attenuate plasma IL-6 concentration.
doi:10.15561/18189172.2015.0607 fatcat:lu4kocutabguvdd22oqpn5uynq