Öğretmenlerin Meslekleriyle İlgili Yaşadıkları Stresin Kaynakları ve Stres Yaşamalarına Neden Olan Etkenlerin İncelenmesi

Müslüm Aydın
2022 Uluslararası sosyal bilimler dergisi  
In this study, the sources of the stress experienced by teachers, which is one of the most basic basic elements of educational institutions, and the factors that cause them to experience stress were examined in general terms within the framework of the thematic spectrum. Education and teaching with students and teachers in educational institutions, teachers and family conflicts, relationships with colleagues are negative, discipline problems, physical conditions in the incompetence,
more » ... jobs and the majority of criticism of society, crowded classes, students retardation, developmental, educational institutions at the top of the social and cultural pressures, rapid changes in the curriculum, excess of work, insufficient salary, lack of administrative support, the appreciation of managers and investigators ever, the teacher lost control of faith and lack of participation in decisions about managing the classroom, teacher perception of competence, a lack of success in the perception of the inability of low-level management and peer support, role conflict and role ambiguity, the student insensitivity, indifference, disrupting and damaging the environment, such as intensive behavior problems due to stress in varying density ratios can experience. In this study, the mentioned stress sources will be discussed within the framework of their causes. Key Words: Teacher, Stress, Sources and Causes of Stress
doi:10.52096/usbd.6.25.23 fatcat:esv6ryjoffhnrinbudfl6mi2ci