Design and Construction of A Novel Simple and Low-Cost Test Bench Point-Absorber Wave Energy Converter Emulator System

Ephraim Bonah Agyekum, Seepana PraveenKumar, Aleksei Eliseev, Vladimir Ivanovich Velkin
2021 Inventions  
This paper proposed a test bench device to emulate or simulate the electrical impulses of a wave energy converter (WEC). The objective of the study is to reconstruct under laboratory conditions the dynamics of a WEC in the form of an emulator to assess the performance, which, in this case, is the output power. The designed emulator device is programmable, which makes it possible to create under laboratory conditions the operating mode of the wave generator, identical to how the wave generator
more » ... he wave generator would work under real sea conditions. Any control algorithm can be executed in the designed emulator. In order to test the performance of the constructed WEC emulator, an experiment was conducted to test its power output against that of a real point-absorber WEC. The results indicate that, although the power output for that of the real WEC was higher than the WEC emulator, the emulator performed perfectly well. The relatively low power output of the emulator was because of the type of algorithm that was written for the emulator, therefore increasing the speed of the motor in the algorithm (code) would result in higher output for the proposed WEC emulator.
doi:10.3390/inventions6010020 fatcat:gn36jr2mkvdk7e6qnophgjav2a