A low-cost, wearable, do-it-yourself functional near-infrared spectroscopy (DIY-fNIRS) headband

Francis Tsow, Anupam Kumar, SM Hadi Hosseini, Audrey Bowden
2021 HardwareX  
Neuromonitoring in naturalistic environments is of increasing interest for a variety of research fields including psychology, economics, and productivity. Among functional neuromonitoring modalities, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is well regarded for its potential for miniaturization, good spatial and temporal resolutions, and resilience to motion artifacts. Historically, the large size and high cost of fNIRS systems have precluded widespread adoption of the technology. In this
more » ... rticle, we describe the first open source, fully integrated wireless fNIRS headband system with a single LED-pair source and four detectors. With ease of operation and comfort in mind, the system is encased in a soft, lightweight cloth and silicone enclosure. Accompanying computer and smartphone data collection software have also been provided, and the hardware has been validated using classic fNIRS tasks. This wear-and-go design can easily be scaled to accommodate a larger number of fNIRS channels and opens the door to easily collecting fNIRS data during routine activities in naturalistic conditions.
doi:10.1016/j.ohx.2021.e00204 pmid:34734152 pmcid:PMC8562714 fatcat:hc5v2fdfdvbcdpkidixh4674m4