Characterization of anionic amino acid transport systems in mouse mammary gland

V K Kansal, R Sharma, G Rehan
2000 Indian journal of experimental biology  
L-glutamate was transported into mammary tissue via Na(+)-dependent system XAG- that strongly interacted with both D- and L-isomers of aspartate but only with L-isomer of glutamate. Replacement of Cl- by gluconate from the extracellular medium did not affect the uptake of L-glutamate. Although neutral amino acids weakly inhibited the uptake of L-glutamate, there was no evidence for the heterogeneity of anionic amino acid transport system. The XAG- system was inhibited by sulfhydryl group
more » ... g reagent N-ethylmalemide. Low pH (6) partially inhibited the uptake by L-glutamate by mammary tissue. Prior loading of mammary tissue with L-glutamate slightly down regulated its uptake. Culturing pregnant mouse mammary tissue explants in vitro in the presence of lactogenic hormones (insulin plus cortisol plus prolactin) did not affect appreciably the uptake of L-glutamate.
pmid:11395952 fatcat:g4eaearaxfatve5wkrjlhygp44