Geometrical Rabi oscillations and Landau-Zener transitions in non-Abelian systems

H. Weisbrich, G. Rastelli, W. Belzig
2021 Physical Review Research  
Topological phases of matter became a new standard to classify quantum systems in many cases, yet key quantities like the quantum geometric tensor providing local information about topological properties are still experimentally hard to access. In non-Abelian systems this accessibility to geometric properties can be even more restrictive due to the degeneracy of the states. We propose universal protocols to determine quantum geometric properties in non-Abelian systems. First, we show that for a
more » ... weak resonant driving of the local parameters the coherent Rabi oscillations are related to the quantum geometric tensor. Second, we derive that in a Landau-Zenerlike transition the final probability of an avoided energy crossing is proportional to elements of the non-Abelian quantum geometric tensor. Our schemes suggest a way to prepare eigenstates of the quantum metric, a task that is difficult otherwise in a degenerate subspace.
doi:10.1103/physrevresearch.3.033122 fatcat:avem64n2bjbfdconrom63xfuay