Identification and Reduction Method for Refrigerator Contraction and Expansion Noise
냉장고 수축팽창 소음원의 규명과 저감 방법

Wonjin Kim, Seong Kyu Park
2013 Journal of the korean society of manufacturing technology engineers  
ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Article history: The contraction and expansion noise of a refrigerator are investigated, and some effective methods are proposed to reduce the level and occurrence frequency of noise. First, the noise of a refrigerator is measured to estimate the frequency spectrum and occurrence frequency of noise. Second, a sound visualization was conducted using an acoustic camera to determine the location of the noise source. From the results, it was observed that the internal part
more » ... e internal part mainly producing noise was the third shelf in the freezer room. A method to estimate the acceleration on the location of the noise source is introduced to analyze the contraction and expansion noise precisely and accommodate experimental convenience. Noise reduction methods such as the replacement of the existing shelf with glass shelves, adoption of rail slides, and increase of roughness on the contact surface of the shelf are proposed and tested.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2013.22.4.723 fatcat:yji7pa4jzbcd3m4bqeju6nulra