Professional Training of Teachers in the United States as an Example for Improving the Professionalism and Competence of Pedagogues in Ukraine

2019 Space and Culture, India  
The process of reforming of the system of compulsory secondary education in Ukraine challenges teachers and determine new requirements for them. The study and analysis of teachers' professional education and training in other countries are one of the main ways to settle strategic directions of pedagogical education modernisation and thus to improve the quality of education in Ukraine. The national education systems of Ukraine and the USA are functionally common despite some differences in
more » ... ifferences in cultural and social aspects. This makes it possible to use the experience of the USA in reforming the system of professional preparation of teachers in Ukraine and improving their educational and professional qualifications. The study aims to make a comparative analysis of professional education and training of teachers in the USA from professionalism and competence and propose a way to adjust the most successful American experience to Ukrainian conditions. The study applies a comparative-historical method to compare socio-pedagogical phenomena and views. The structural method makes it possible to consider the pedagogical process based on system components of theory and practice of professional education of teachers. The prognostic method is used to ascertain the successful experience of the USA and outline the prospects of its implementation in Ukraine. Our research concludes that the system of professional preparation of teachers should be improved in order to increase the educational potential of the country. The study reveals a significant contrast between academic competence and professional qualification of teachers. It is determined that the objectives for professional preparation of secondary school teachers are the following: improving teaching competence, the combination of teaching practice and pedagogical theory and integration of pedagogical subjects and subjects of specialisation.
doi:10.20896/saci.v7i2.454 fatcat:xzboqx5rozdupi3tkqsczadqki