Biljana B. Radić-Bojanić, Danijela M. Pop-Jovanov
2018 Методички видици  
In the educational context, the term 'workshop' refers to a type of educational programme generally designed for a group of people, in which the content is practical, specific to the needs, interests and affinities of the group, and which enables cooperation and mutual support among participants. Workshops usually consist of a series of specifically tailored activities represented in the form of an intensive interactive educational programme or training, varying in length and content. Workshops
more » ... content. Workshops can vary widely in their explicit and implicit goals, as well as strategies, methods and techniques employed. The orientation of workshop, the results it is designed to achieve, its objectives and positioning are key aspects in distinguishing different types of workshops and that will be the focus of this paper along with the basic knowledge teachers are required to have in order to organize workshops in the 21st century educational context.
doi:10.19090/mv.2018.9.223-234 fatcat:kznggjjlz5gi3c32icu7kc4n2y