Research of Intelligent Web Courseware Model System Based on Ontology

Haixu Xi, Wei Gao, Jin Qian
2015 International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing  
The development of distance education put forward higher requirements for WEB courseware, it should update teaching content based on the degree of students. This article proposes a resource sharing model of courseware based on semantic web so as to solve the problem of courseware in the teaching process. It takes Resource sharing based on SCORM courses object model as a framework and use XML to describe each learning content objects which makes teachers organize course content and create
more » ... are more easy as well as makes excellent courseware resources can be shared in greatest degree. System defines two agents, one is the teacher interface agent for receiving input information from teachers and curriculum recommendation agent and another agent is communicate agent. Course recommendation agents mainly complete the selection of appropriate curriculum content recommended according to teachers in advance and adjust the course object order in accordance with the repository attribute settings. Teachers and students need their own combinations according to the teaching of information resources using multimedia teaching software systems [5] . It is not just technically the material library and teaching resources platform multimedia authoring simple sum, but ensemble platform and product combination, in which parts library integrated multimedia databases, micro teaching unit, the data presented way libraries, teaching and learning strategies libraries, online environment library of resources to teachers and students make use of combination teaching software platform provides ample material sources and a variety of effective ways. The research projects aimed at creating SCORM-based courses teaching resource object storage, the use of XML for different levels of knowledge of the contents of granularity attribute description, built on various levels in order to achieve the resource discovery and resource reuse. Using this resource storage model can be shared, reusable and other advantages, build an intelligent courseware management platform.
doi:10.14257/ijgdc.2015.8.2.23 fatcat:su32eed5cja6faofo7tp76a53q