A New Integrated Approach Based on the Iterative Super-Resolution Algorithm and Expectation Maximization for Face Hallucination

K. Lakshminarayanan, R. Santhana Krishnan, E. Golden Julie, Y. Harold Robinson, Raghvendra Kumar, Le Hoang Son, Trinh Xuan Hung, Pijush Samui, Phuong Thao Thi Ngo, Dieu Tien Bui
2020 Applied Sciences  
This paper proposed and verified a new integrated approach based on the iterative super-resolution algorithm and expectation-maximization for face hallucination, which is a process of converting a low-resolution face image to a high-resolution image. The current sparse representation for super resolving generic image patches is not suitable for global face images due to its lower accuracy and time-consumption. To solve this, in the new method, training global face sparse representation was used
more » ... esentation was used to reconstruct images with misalignment variations after the local geometric co-occurrence matrix. In the testing phase, we proposed a hybrid method, which is a combination of the sparse global representation and the local linear regression using the Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm. Therefore, this work recovered the high-resolution image of a corresponding low-resolution image. Experimental validation suggested improvement of the overall accuracy of the proposed method with fast identification of high-resolution face images without misalignment.
doi:10.3390/app10020718 fatcat:g3hdzjiv5jhazednwyfqf4y4ua