Enhancing Student Self Efication in Mathematics by Using Game-Based Learning

Izzat Syahir Mohd Ramli, Siti Mistima Maat, Fariza Khalid
2020 International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development  
The application of technology in the teaching and learning process is in line with the needs of today's students. The rapid development of technology has influenced the development of student self-esteem and the implementation of the teaching and learning process of Mathematics. However, the review shows that the current teaching and learning process illustrates that students are burdened with existing learning approaches and feel bored. Therefore, the application of the game-based learning
more » ... ) approach is appropriate as it can enhance student engagement in Mathematics. High student engagement is driven by students' self-confidence that builds through the learning process. This study aimed at identifying about student self efication using GBL. Hence, this article was drawn from previous works of literature to create an overview of the issue pertaining to student self efication in Mathematics using GBL. The application of GBL creates positive self-efficacy in students. This is because a well-designed GBL is able to engage students in meaningful learning environment activities. The GBL approach enables pupils to develop self-knowledge where students collaborate during learning in achieving their learning objectives. An interactive and technology-based learning process will make puppies fun while learning and thus develop the motivation and positive self-efficacy of students towards Mathematics.
doi:10.6007/ijarped/v9-i2/7488 fatcat:sai72kcyefcjzgrsryiwoj2vry