Migración, espacio y exclusión en 2020 de Javier Moreno

Carolina Leon Vegas
2019 Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies  
A number of novels about the financial crisis and its consequences have been written in Spain in recent years. In most, migrants are represented in a secondary role, often as short allusions or as mere ornaments. This article aims to highlight one novel, 2020 by Javier Moreno, that breaks that pattern since it features migrant characters in key roles. The article further aims to analyse the relationship between space and the representation of the migrant in the context of a society in crisis.
more » ... e notions of non-place by Marc Augé and heterotopia by Michel Foucault will serve as the theoretical framework that will allow for an exploration of phenomena such as the inversion of non-places into places, the connection of crisis and deviation, the role of certain spaces as both shelters and containers of the unwanted, the role of gaze in the construction of an exclusion, and the circular movement of powerless characters in time and space throughout the novel.
doi:10.15845/bells.v10i1.1456 fatcat:zhocfeu7fvbo5mop3em7gwyhpi