Heat Shock Protein-Inducing Property of Diarylheptanoid Containing Chalcone Moiety from Alpinia katsumadai

Joo-Won Nam, Yun-Sil Lee
2017 Molecules  
A new diarylheptanoid containing a chalcone moiety, katsumain H (1), was isolated from the seeds of Alpinia katsumadai. The structure was elucidated using a combination of 1D/2D NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry data analysis. The absolute configurations of C-3, C-5, and C-7 in 1 were assigned based on its optical rotation and after comparing its NMR chemical shifts with those of its diastereoisomers, katsumain E and katsumain F, which were previously isolated from this plant and
more » ... plant and characterized. In this study, the stimulatory effects of compounds 1 and 2 were evaluated on heat shock factor 1 (HSF1), heat shock protein 27 (HSP27), and HSP70. Compounds 1 and 2 increased the expression of HSF1 (1.056-and 1.200-fold, respectively), HSP27 (1.312-and 1.242-fold, respectively), and HSP70 (1.234-and 1.271-fold, respectively), without increased cytotoxicity.
doi:10.3390/molecules22101750 pmid:29039794 fatcat:ou6u6q5zyjawvk7uidr6udiuda