Accented Speech Recognition Based on End-to-End Domain Adversarial Training of Neural Networks

Hyeong-Ju Na, Jeong-Sik Park
2021 Applied Sciences  
The performance of automatic speech recognition (ASR) may be degraded when accented speech is recognized because the speech has some linguistic differences from standard speech. Conventional accented speech recognition studies have utilized the accent embedding method, in which the accent embedding features are directly fed into the ASR network. Although the method improves the performance of accented speech recognition, it has some restrictions, such as increasing the computational costs. This
more » ... study proposes an efficient method of training the ASR model for accented speech in a domain adversarial way based on the Domain Adversarial Neural Network (DANN). The DANN plays a role as a domain adaptation in which the training data and test data have different distributions. Thus, our approach is expected to construct a reliable ASR model for accented speech by reducing the distribution differences between accented speech and standard speech. DANN has three sub-networks: the feature extractor, the domain classifier, and the label predictor. To adjust the DANN for accented speech recognition, we constructed these three sub-networks independently, considering the characteristics of accented speech. In particular, we used an end-to-end framework based on Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) to develop the label predictor, a very important module that directly affects ASR results. To verify the efficiency of the proposed approach, we conducted several experiments of accented speech recognition for four English accents including Australian, Canadian, British (England), and Indian accents. The experimental results showed that the proposed DANN-based model outperformed the baseline model for all accents, indicating that the end-to-end domain adversarial training effectively reduced the distribution differences between accented speech and standard speech.
doi:10.3390/app11188412 fatcat:qawsqisvqjfsdh4rc4iifp7ejq