The Influence of Service Recovery on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of AAU School of commerce

Ermias Bekele
The main objective of this study is to investigate the influence of service recovery on customer satisfaction the case of Addis Ababa University: School of Commerce. Service recovery is the action taken by a service provider to solve a customer complaint concerning perceived service failure. A survey questioner used for the purpose of data collection. The sample size of this study was 341 undergraduate regular and extension students of school of commerce in the year 2017/2018G.C and determined
more » ... y, Yamane (1967) finite and large populations sample size formula with 95% confidence level employed. The researcher adopted a probability (stratified sampling method) and non-probability (purposive sampling) methods in combination. Multiple linear regression analysis used to determine the relationship among dependent and independent variables. The major limitation of this study is focusing only in Addis Ababa University specifically school of commerce. This makes it difficult to identify the position of school of commerce in relation to other competing universities in the country. The three perceived justice dimensions-distributive, procedural and interactional justices (independent variables) have positive effect on the overall customer satisfaction (dependent variable).As per the finding of this study; the most important dimension is interactional justice, followed by procedural and distributive justices. Based on the results distributive justice is the major contributor, interactional justice is the second and procedural justice is the third (least) contributor to boost customer satisfaction in the case of AAUSC. Based on the findings of this study; very large number of students prefer "AAUSC" by its brand name than the quality of service given by the school. The major service failure areas in school of commerce identified by this study are-registrar staffs miss conduct, discomfort on library service, problem on learning and teaching process, communication problem and instructor"s performance level consecutively. The s [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/17737 fatcat:uyjkysn6kngpzmvkb2rd7p5qbi