Synthesis and Anti-Intestinal Nematode Activity of Variously Substituted Benzonaphthyridine Derivatives

Li-Ping Duan, Ai-Dan Wen, Ning-Bo Wu, Yi Tao, Hao-Bing Zhang
2011 Molecules  
A series of benzonaphthyridine derivatives bearing the C=N linkage moiety were designed and synthesized. The structures of all the newly synthesized compounds were identified by elemental analysis, 1 H-NMR, 13 C-NMR and MS. Their anti-intestinal nematode activities against Nippostrongylus brazilliensis were evaluated in vivo by an oral route in male rats. Among these compounds, at concentrations of 10 mg/kg of rat, the compound
more » ... hylene)aminophenyl)amino-benzo[b][1,5] naphthyridine (4n) produced the highest activity, with 80.2% deparasitization. These compounds may find usefulness in the discovery and development of new anti-intestinal drugs.
doi:10.3390/molecules16021593 pmid:21321530 fatcat:kpeskjxeirgy3aydmdwipozoii