Transcriptome Analysis of WHV/c-myc Transgenic Mice Implicates Cytochrome P450 Enzyme 17A1 as a Promising Biomarker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

F. Wang, J. Huang, Z. Zhu, X. Ma, L. Cao, Y. Zhang, W. Chen, Y. Dong
2016 Cancer Prevention Research  
Early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is critical for successful treatment and favorable prognosis. To identify novel HCC biomarkers, we used the WHV/c-myc transgenic (Tg) mice, an animal model of hepatocarcinogenesis. By analyzing their gene expression profiling, we investigated differentially expressed genes in livers of wild-type and Tg mice. The cytochrome P450, family 17, subfamily A, polypeptide 1 (CYP17A1), a hepatic P450 enzyme, was revealed to be overexpressed in the liver
more » ... issues of Tg mice at both preneoplastic and neoplastic stages. Mouse-tohuman validation demonstrated that CYP17A1 mRNA and protein were also significantly increased in human HCC tissues compared with paired nontumor tissues (P ¼ 0.00041 and 0.00011, respectively). Immunohistochemical studies showed that CYP17A1 was overexpressed in 67% (58 of 87) of HCC, and strong staining of CYP17A1 was observed in well-differentiated HCCs. Consistent with this, the median serum levels of CYP17A1 were also significantly higher in patients with HCC (140.2 ng/mL, n ¼ 776) compared with healthy controls (31.4 ng/ mL, n ¼ 366) and to those with hepatitis B virus (57.5 ng/mL, n ¼ 160), cirrhosis (46.1 ng/mL, n ¼ 147), lung cancer (27.4 ng/mL, n ¼ 109), and prostate cancer (42.1 ng/mL, n ¼ 130; all P < 0.001). Notably, the elevations were seen in most AFP-negative HCC cases. Altogether, through mouse-to-human search and validation, we found that CYP17A1 is overexpressed in HCCs and it has great potentiality as a noninvasive marker for HCC detection. These results provide a rationale for the future development and clinical application of CYP17A1 measurement to diagnose HCC more precisely. Cancer Prev Res; 9(9);
doi:10.1158/1940-6207.capr-16-0023 pmid:27339169 fatcat:5jwmdc5tgjdhjhsxesrlduntsq