D Chitra, R Haripriya, C Kaviyarasi, L Jayashruthi, Students
2018 unpublished
Prediction of agriculture yield is a job that requires unification of knowledge from several areas such as data mining, statistics and agriculture. Subject of crop yield prediction has been very popular among various organization working in agriculture, producers etc. Prediction of crop yield helps in managing the storage of crops as well as it directs the transportation decisions, and risk management issues related to crops. Pattern of rainfall and temperature are dynamic due to global
more » ... e to global warming, and resulting in undergoing impingement on crop productivity. Data Mining focuses up on methodologies for extracting useful knowledge from data and there are several tools to extract knowledge that is it is a proficiency of examining the dataset such that the end results can be deduced easily and rapidly from the dataset. The knowledge gathered can be used forecast the crop yield. But farmers do not use any knowledge to cultivate the crops datasets. Data mining can be used in agriculture for decision making. In this study, we collected the data from the various organization and also through the agriculture related websites, after preprocessing and discretization of the data applied Predictive apriori algorithm for analysis of daily temperature, daily rainfall and crop yield to predict the crop yield and to analyze the effect of temperature and rainfall on the crop yield.