Real-time detection of CO by eukaryotic cells

U. Bohrn, E. Stütz, M. Fleischer, M. Schöning, P. Wagner
2010 Procedia Engineering  
In this contribution, we focus on the detection of toxic gases with living eukaryotic cells. A cell-based gas sensor system, able to measure the effects of direct exposure of gases to cells in real-time, was set up. Impedance data as well as oxygen consumption of Chinese hamster lung fibroblast cells (V79) were analysed upon exposure to carbon monoxide (CO). The CO (diluted in wet synthetic air) affects the cell respiration as indicated by an attenuated respiration signal after the CO exposure
more » ... s well as an instant increase of the capacitive part of the impedance signal during the gas exposure.
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2010.09.037 fatcat:7csrfhrydbbg5ahy47uqiea3pu