Development Issues, Policies and Actions Selected Recent Works on Malaysia and Bangladesh

Mahmudul Alam
2017 Figshare  
Development is a Cultural and Ethical Construct and a model of material, moral and total wellbeing. Well-being of mankind is the sole purpose of the entire creation of Allah the Lord Almighty (Al-Quran: 14:32-33; 31:20). This divine scheme is a comprehensive welfare plan. It is a project of material, intellectual and spiritual betterment, a project of welfare here and the hereafter. It is a plan for world peace. However, it is left for mankind to actualize it through a strategy of balanced
more » ... gy of balanced commitment to spiritual and worldly aspects of life. Wellbeing is more of a cultural and, thus, controversial phenomenon along the line of cultural, ideological and religious differences in measuring what is good and desirable, and bad and undesirable. The word 'development' is a most widely and frequently used term to mean many things to many individuals, societies, and peoples. It is perceived, meant, and described differently under different contexts by different people of different professional, economic, social, and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, both conceptually and operationally it is a multidimensional matter. In a simplistic manner, it can be described as improvement in the condition and level of living both materially and spiritually. It considers economic, social, institutional, cultural, and religious aspects of life as closely interrelated and inseparable elements of development. Each of these various aspects unilaterally is only a necessary but not sufficient condition of development. Economic development is only one important aspect of development. The non-economic and nonmaterial aspects are its other equally important components. Development therefore refers to simultaneously a material, moral, and spiritual advancement; it is a total wellbeing concept. In that sense it is equally a concern of industrialized rich nations where economic and material advancement have been attained, but spiritual and moral development are seriously lacking. From the perspective of Sen's capabilities approach and five [...]
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