The glycocalyx barrier function in ocular surface and its alteration in dry eye disease

Biao Li*, Yi-Dan Shi*, Yi Shao
2020 Guoji Yanke Zazhi  
Some studies have shown that the glycocalyx barrier formed by highly glycosylated mucin and galectin-3 in the epithelial cells of the eyeball is important for the maintenance of moisturization and lubrication of the surface of the eye. The decrease in the wettability of the eye surface and the shortening of the tear film breakup time in dry eye patients are closely related to the damage of the glycocalyx barrier. This article outlines the composition of the glycocalyx barrier on ocular surface
more » ... nd its changes in the dry eye patients. It will also introduce a new method for assessing the damage of the glycocalyx barrier in dry eye patients. Finally, two ophthalmological drugs, which target regulating the abnoemality of transmembrane mucins in dry eye disease will be mentioned.
doi:10.3980/j.issn.1672-5123.2020.5.12 doaj:cbb3d513e1c14ee1be288df2924e6af1 fatcat:6257qak7tracdgw2fm3demhr4u