Inferences using type-II progressively censored data with binomial removals

Ahmed A. Soliman, Ahmed H. Abd Ellah, Nasser A. Abou-Elheggag, Rashad M. El-Sagheer
2015 Arabian Journal of Mathematics  
This paper considers the estimation problem for Burr type-X model, when the lifetimes are collected under type-II progressive censoring with random removals, where the number of units removed at each failure time follows a binomial distribution. The methods of maximum likelihood as well as the Bayes procedure to derive both point and interval estimates of the parameters are used. The expected test time to complete the censoring test is computed and analyzed for different censoring schemes. The
more » ... oring schemes. The effect of the binomial distribution parameter p on the expected test time under progressive censoring and the relative expected test time over the complete sample are investigated. Monte Carlo simulations are performed to compare and evaluate the performance of different methods. Furthermore, an example with a real data set is presented for illustrative purposes.
doi:10.1007/s40065-015-0127-8 fatcat:taowpcqpuvc2ffio2dvyjv4b6a