Ultrashort pulse laser-triggering of long gap high voltage switches [report]

Patrick K. Rambo, Jens Schwarz, Mark W. Kimmel, Aaron J. Van Tassle, Junji Urayama, Dale Robert Welch, David V. Rose, Carsten Thoma, Robert E. Clark, Craig Miller, William R. Zimmerman, Todd Alan Pitts (+3 others)
2012 unpublished
Laser-triggered high voltage switches need longer length and lifetime laser plasmas at controlled plasma densities in order to achieve optimal operational parameters (such as short runtime, low temporal jitter, and high voltage hold-off). We have approached the problem by considering ultrashort laser pulses of sub-picosecond duration for the high voltage trigger source. To this end, several laser plasma diagnostic techniques were employed to quantify the ionization and to determine methods for
more » ... ppropriately tailoring the laser plasma for switching purposes. Switching behavior under basic plasma conditions and with improved plasma channels are discussed.
doi:10.2172/1055914 fatcat:vd2ztf6ydffinf67pphcfrfesq