Triton Facilitated Spherical TiO2 Nanoparticles and Their Advantage in a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

N. A. Al-Omair, S. M. Reda, F. M. Al-Hajri
2014 Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry  
Spherical TiO 2 particles (60 nm) were obtained by using a Triton X-100. The surfactant was employed in two stages, i.e., in the hydrolysis of TiCl 4 and then in the precipitation of the corresponding Ti (IV) polymers. The advantages of such spherical TiO 2 particles were examined in terms of photovoltaic characteristics of a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) using Orange IV dye as sensitizer. Significantly higher overall solar energy conversion efficiency was obtained for a DSSC using the film
more » ... SSC using the film of these spherical TiO 2 particles, compared with that of a cell using a TiO 2 film prepared without surfactant.
doi:10.4236/ampc.2014.42005 fatcat:pos6il5pzff7npdirrhiohc5sy